Caucasian Mountain Dog – The Little Known Giant That Resembles The Dog’s Distant Cousin, The Bear!

The Caucasian Mountain Dog likewise called the Caucasian Ovtcharka is actually a historical kind that for centuries was actually unfamiliar outside the small areas where this barrages, particularly the Caucasus which integrate: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Iran as well as Turkey. The Caucasian Mountain Dog or even Ovtcharka (in Russian Ovtcharka suggests shepherd or even sheepdog) belongs to the functioning team from dog kind and also regardless of its own designation from sheepdog/shepherd this dog was actually certainly never an animals herdsman yet instead a guardian or even guard which goes a very long way in clarifying its own certainly not inconsiderable dimension! The Caucasian Mountain dog was actually reproduced to defend animals from wolves, bears and also various other killers; actually the Caucasian Ovtcharka possesses an incredible similarity to a bear!


Looked at till relatively lately through several to become a descendent from the Tibetan Mastiff, improved ancient proof advises that its own ancestral roots emerged off old pets that resided in the woody mountains from Iraq as well as Mesopotamia. This is actually felt that diverse dog styles that went along with nomadic groups that resolved in the Caucasus locations, along with little bit of intervention and also obstruction off outdoors effects, inevitably developed right into the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

Upward up until the 1930s, the Caucasian Ovtcharka was actually unfamiliar outside its own property variety up until this began showing up in European dog displays in Germany. Around 1952 the Caucasian Mountain Dog was actually sub-divided right into 2 unique types: the Transcaucasian Ovtcharka which is actually generally the heavier-boned, extensive dog that comes from the hilly areas; as well as the Caucasian Ovtcharka, the much less intensely constructed style that emerges coming from the steppe locations.

In 1976 both sub-breeds were actually combined as well as reclassified being one species, as well as in these times the Caucasian Mountain Dog is actually counted on to comply with a solitary criterion. All the same nonetheless, the a variety of sub-breeds can easily still be actually separated regionally coming from the different areas from the previous USSR and also nowadays some of the best desired sort of Caucasian Mountain Dog is actually the supposed Georgia sub-breed which is actually specifically a thick-coated, heavy-boned, enormous dog that the majority of carefully looks like a bear.

The capacity from the Caucasian Mountain Dog as a lot more in comparison to a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) was actually swiftly understood by today obsolete Soviet Army and also very soon good enough this dog kind was actually worked with both in the course of love and also battle opportunity as complementary army “workers” within the area from the Soviet Union. In the overdue 1960s the Caucasian Ovcharka was actually extensively presented to East Germany exclusively for perimeter watch role, fore usually to watch the notorious Berlin Wall. When the Berlin Wall happened falling down in 1989, the by-then, a minimum of 7000-strong device from Caucasian Mountain Dogs worked with to watch the Wall’s border was actually dissolved as well as a lot of those pet dogs discovered brand-new properties within the recently liberated noncombatant populace!

Character and Temperament

This dog type was actually created to defend groups as well as animals and also for this reason possesses a solid integral guardian/protector characteristic. High as a Border Collie loved ones dog will certainly often tend to pack its own loved ones alternatively group from lamb, the Caucasian Mountain Dog will definitely possess the propensity to become rather safety from its own urgent family members, a distinctive that possesses noticeable advantages however possibly much less evident outcomes. The Caucasian Ovcharka is actually a stubborn (some may state persistent) species from dog that needs a stronger finger for effective socializing as well as instruction. The alleged persistent attributes of this particular dog style is actually certainly not unexpected when one thinks about that this was actually multiplied over centuries for these particular high qualities.

This dog was actually multiplied to greatly exist private from human beings (besides its own shepherd) as well as was actually multiplied to co-exist along with the animals this was actually protecting; hence the Caucasian Mountain dog species is actually naturally careful from complete strangers be they folks or even pets. Unsurprisingly, the Caucasian Ovtcharka is actually very most energetic during the night (animals killers usually pursuit under the cover from evening) and also though this could offer the opinion that this is actually a major careless sleeping dog, at the least pointer from trespassers the Caucasian Mountain Dog are going to rapidly reach its own shoes, seem the alert (howling) as well as instantly head to face the hazard!

The Caucasian Ovcharka has the security from its own region (at presents think about that the loved ones backyard) incredibly truly as well as will certainly take into consideration any type of transgression through an unfamiliar person as a danger. Regardless of its own awesome dimension this dog is actually identified by use marginal pressure to discourage any type of danger. Such marginal power could likely have the kind from facing the killer and also woofing as well as grumbling strongly; often that suffices to alter the thoughts from a lot of trespassers because similar to its own crazy Canid versions, this outdated dog type still keeps the mentality that bodily (or even lethal) power ought to be actually a last option due to the fact that this oftens be actually counter top successful (i.e., accident to either event).

Any Type Of Good With Kids?

As formerly noted this dog type oftens replace its own urgent family members for the animals this was actually uniquely reproduced to guard; in shorts this dog is actually highly safety from participants from its own family members. For this reason that is crucial to recognize that this dog could possibly recognize rowdy or even harsh kid’s play in between a member of the family and also a good friend (as is actually the inclination along with kids) to become a danger and also its own hardwired protect-the-flock genes are going to right away start!

Hence that is actually really essential to correctly interact this dog species as well as reveal to your little ones that even if they understand that “Shaggy” will never ever harm all of them, they ought to know that the exact same might discountenance their close friends unless the dog understands all of them effectively (i.e., has actually taken all of them as an expansion from its own group). Certainly along with a dog this measurements all task around little kids need to be actually overseen, considering that though the loved ones household pet might certainly not want injury, this is actually a major dog that in the course of the warm from play could quickly neglect its own impressive toughness and also dimension as well as can unintentionally harm a kid!

The Question From Apartment Dwelling?

Generally the Caucasian Mountain Dog performs certainly not create the best condo occupant. Although like many large pets its own electricity degree is actually rather poor this dog kind is actually after dark and also was actually reproduced to alarm and also portend, as well as off burglars. In shorts your affection for your Caucasian Mountain Dog might properly convert right into disfavor coming from your next-door neighbors considering that your Caucasian Ovcharka is actually steering all of them mad along with its own every night discord (woofing … which is actually specifically correct if your next-door neighbors are actually animals from the evening also known as gathering pets).

Interactivity With Other Dogs

Coming from a hereditary viewpoint aim the Caucasian Mountain Dog was actually certainly never reproduced to become extremely pleasant along with various other canids be they pet dogs or even wolves, since as a group guardian this will possess been actually assumed to prevent all prospective killers which normally will possess consisted of savage pets. Nonetheless similar to a lot of any kind of kind from dog quick and also effective socializing often gets rid of any type of unfriendliness to various other pet dogs or even creatures within this kind!

Caucasian Mountain Dog Breed Standard

Presently there seem clashing species requirements which might be partly discussed by other sub-breeds and also the overdue approval of the kind in to the AKC; currently this dog species possesses no AKC rank. Merely just recently possesses the AKC transferred to formally realize this dog kind (May 2007) despite the fact that the Caucasian Ovcharka has actually performed report along with the FSS (Foundation Stock Services) because 1996. Off January from 2008 the Caucasian Mountain Dog will certainly be actually made it possible for to officially contend in the AKC Companion Events.

Size Requirements:

The complying with elevation dimensions are actually for the fully grown dog as well as are actually come up to the shoulder bone tissue.
Elevation from Males: 25.5 – 30 ins (64cm – 70cm).
Elevation Females: 24.5 and also upwards.
Body weight from Males: 100lbs + (45kg – 70 kilograms).
Body Weight Females: 80lbs + (37kg – upwards).

That needs to be actually kept in mind nonetheless that for the Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed (the Georgian Caucasian Mountain Dog sub-breed that the majority of carefully looks like a bear) the requisite measurements contrast significantly:

Elevation from Male: 28.3 – 29.5 ins (72cm – 75cm; minimum required is actually 68cm or even 26.8 ins).
Women Height: 26.0 – 27.2 ins (66cm – 69cm; lowest is actually 64 centimeters or even 25.2 ins).
Normally the body weight from the Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed will certainly often be actually rather much heavier as well as this is actually certainly not uncommon for men to leading 180lbs!